Mark Jones's - 'Disabled Instrumental Years' (2019 Album)”

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25/09/20 - One piece from 'Disabled Instrumental Years' concept album has been incorporated into a COVID-19 friendly, community study integrated colourful and classic photographic styles with appealing statements reflecting recent periods during 2020.  The works are additionally on display or free within a library area in the centre of Southport, Merseyside (September - October) at its famous arts centre, the Atkinson found on the boulevard of Lord Street.  More can be discovered here:


19/12/19 - 'Disabled Instrumental Years' concept album and opening concert has at this point int time, successfully raised over £530 via independent donations/CD sales directly funding The Brain Charity centre, located on Norton St, Liverpool centre. Thanks are hugely given for all audience members who attended our September 27th night this year, listeners and various supportive business contributers.  A massive bow is for the Merseyside musicians who brought my pieces to life and reality & organiser/staff members that gave their skills and time over for the goal of helping patients who need help, as of which I have had overcoming my illness not so many years ago.' - Mark Jones


Celebrating his sixth year of survival from a cranial tumour procedure, Mark Jones since 2008 successfully composed multiple and recognised new pieces or works for festivals and has taken to the stage in a huge spectrum of genres for collaborative artists near and afar.  During this wonderful year in Liverpool’s ever-developing and reflective era, the fundraising release and support ofrom his debut concept album 'Disabled Instrumental Years' is taking place 27th September 2019, at The Brain Charity located a stones throw from Liverpool's brilliant City Centre.








Of Now...

Personal pencil sketches of recovery process through the power of music and COVID-19 reactions.